The end of a chapter.

Wowee. I haven’t posted anything since November, 2010. Life just gets busy and goes by in a blur, doesn’t it?

Life has indeed been a whirlwind in the past 5 months. To recap quickly, I applied for residency -> travelled all over Canada for residency interviews (10 cities in 2.5 weeks!) -> matched to my first choice – Dalhousie Internal Medicine! -> wrote the final exams for med school!!! I can unofficially say that I’m now an MD! Now we’re in the midst of studying for that final little quiz that’s left – the nation-wide licensing exam, LMCC. So you can forgive me if I’ve been a bit complacent in my blogging. I would have never guessed four years ago that I’d be moving to Halifax…but life takes you in unexpected places!

This month marks the end of a chapter: medical school is finally over! It sounds so strange to say that. I’m going to try and keep this blog alive, and keep everyone updated on the cooking adventures and misadventures that will happen when I’m living on my own in Halifax. There will have to be more than just cookies and cake to keep me alive!

Today I’m going to share my favorite hummus recipe. Every time that I’ve made it so far, it’s been inhaled like crack. Joffre gets over-excited anytime I mention spinach and feta in the same sentence. It’s a little different from your average hummus recipe, the bright green colour is lovely, and it tastes amazing!! The red pepper flakes are a must, it adds the perfect little kick at the end. Make it today!!

Spinach and Feta Hummus

(adapted from Tasty Kitchen)
**The original recipe makes a TON so the one I’m posting is half that…still makes a lot!**

19 oz can of chickpeas
3/4 – 1 cup Fresh Spinach
4 ounces, weight Feta Cheese
⅓ cups Olive Oil (I put a little less than that in and keep most of the water from the canned chickpeas)
2.5 Tablespoons Lemon Juice
2 Tablespoons Tahini
1 Tablespoon Red Pepper Flakes
1-2 cloves Garlic, Peeled/Pressed (depending on how garlicy you want it)
1 teaspoon salt

Combine all the ingredients in a blender (I use my magic bullet ❤ ) and beat until it's creamy. If you leave most of the water in from the chickpeas instead of draining them, it'll be a little runny at the beginning, but firm up beautifully after you refrigerate it for a bit!

Enjoy =)

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