On those that ellicit “primal groans”

I made these cinnamon buns to bring to our halfway point session for family medicine. It’s a recipe from The Pioneer Woman, and her website is funny and cute and has lovely lovely recipes on it.

Joff helped me make them, and he was SO excited when they came out of the oven. You have no idea the joy.

The whole house filled up with delicious cinnamony smells. I thought about making a cream cheese frosting for them, but this maple-coffee glaze is perfectly lovely and compliments the cinnamon buns wonderfully. On Pioneer Woman’s website, she describes these cinnamon buns as elliciting “primal groans of pure joy rising through the rooftops” and boy, there definitely were! Make some. They seem like they take a long time, but really it’s just a whole bunch of waiting around that’s the main problem. So start making them before dinner, and let them rise throughout dinner. You’ll be done in no time. And enjoy them.

The recipe for the cinnamon buns is on her website, I won’t post it here because I followed it step-by-step and made no changes. Here they are!

The glaze I wasn’t as well-behaved on and changed it how I saw fit.
Maple frosting:
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup melted butter
1/4 cappucino powder dissolved in water
2 tbsp maple syrup
lots of powdered sugar (I didn’t measure, I just poured til the consistency and taste was right)
a drizzle of irish cream coffee whitener

They were still delicious when I brought them to the university the next day, but boy…few things in life beat these cinnamon buns when they were hot out of the oven. make them. eat them. now.

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