That’s amore <3

I heart pizza. Tremendously. I love greasy, warm, gooey, thick fluffy-crusted pizza topped with artery-clogging cheese and pepperoni. I love thin, light, sparsely topped pizza with subtle flavours and interesting topping. And I love every kind of pizza in between.

Fortunately for my heart and adipose storage, I don’t get to eat pizza very often. But the cravings were too much to resist, and I gave in and made pizza on friday. Mmm…pizza.

The dough is possibly the easiest thing in the world to make, and a remnant recipe (unbelievably enough) from my grade 8 home ec classes. I think the seed was planted in that class for my baking obsession. I looked forward to it every week! The artichoke and tuna pizza is half-inspired from the artichoke pizza served at Leva. And the other one was a…let’s-throw-everything-in-the-fridge-that-I-feel-like kind of deal!


Artichoke Pizza

Random pizza

One thought on “That’s amore <3

  1. Ashley says:

    Mmm pizzaaaa. Actually when I was a kid I didn’t like pizza. But since everyone else did and I wanted to be cool too I made myself like it. Now I love it of course haha. I think recipes from home ec in high school are some of the best! We had a really good brownie one and mac and cheese one. Sadly I don’t think I have them anymore. Anyway your pizza looks super delicious.

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